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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ethan’s first Football “game”

Well, it was actually a scrimmage/jamboree thing where each team had possession for 14 minutes, and then they switched and the other team had possession for that same amount of time. 

Ethan had a great team thing going on Saturday.  He and his team did really well and it was a lot of fun to watch!!


Ethan is finally ready for some football!  Look at him…all suited up and ready to go.


Ethan is number 40…he’s in green and on the end.


Blocking his guy!  Woo HOO!  Way to keep him from the action!


waiting for the play to be called…


Still working on keeping his competitor away from the ball.  What a great job, E-man!


Just look at the form there!


listen to the coaches, boys!


Gp S-F Green team!  Can’t wait to watch you play a game at the UNI dome in a couple of weeks! Woo HOO!

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