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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rachel's Track Meet

Rachel went out for track this year.  She's been running for a while, hoping to try cross country in the fall.  She now has two track meets under her belt.  She has a bit of "performance anxiety".  She does well in practice but just gets so nervous before a meet!  She is improving though!  Tonight, she didn't hit a single hurdle on the way over!  (Last meet she hit every single one!)  She also beat someone in tonight's meet, and last meet...well...she didn't beat anyone.  So, she's pretty bummed, but I say "Hey!  You are getting better with each meet!  Way to GO!"


Getting in the running mindset!


The 200 meter relay.


200 m dash


200 m dash


200 m hurdles


can you SEE the tongue sticking out concentration?


great form!


We're proud of you, Rachel!  Way to run!

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1 comment:

tracy said...

Great pics sandy! and yes, i see the concentration!! lol