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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caleb's Senior Scrapbook

Well, I'm plugging away (and doing so under quite a time crunch!) on Caleb's scrapbook.  I am ready to scrap his 2nd birthday!  (His 2nd year went MUCH faster than the first...I was much more selective in what pics I scanned, LOL)

I'm not going to share all the pages I've done here, but last night I scrapped one of my favorites so far.  It just makes me laugh out LOUD when I see it (or else makes me want to cry!)

Caleb 43 Brothers

hee, hee...see what I mean?  Doesn't it make you just LAUGH?

The kit I used was--Old Glory by Janniscrap Designs
tempalte--Lisa Minor

Caleb 38 Faces

Here's another one that I LOVE!

Kit--Kimberly Cameron Summertime Fun
Template--Tracy Drane--Detaille (adapted)

Caleb 19 adorable

How cute is he?

Kit: Shabby Princess  Happy Go Lucky

Caleb 18 Chicago

Template: Lisa Minor
Kit: Shabby Princess

Caleb 22 Couch Potato

Kit: Kim Cameron - Down By The Seaside


Caleb 31 Baby firsts

Here's another one that just makes me smile.  Wasn't he the cutest little baby??

Template: Lisa Minor
Background paper ME
Kit Lisa Minor's Promises


OK...I've got several dozen more, but that gives a glimpse of what I've been doing lately.  Only 15 1/2 more years to go, and only 4 weeks to get it done!

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Anonymous said...

GO Sandy Go! You're doing great. Don't know how you're doing it. It makes me feel a little teary just looking at the photos, and I've never even actually met Caleb! Oh, what a tender time of life this is coming up. Sending you hugs and cheers to keep on keeping on.
From Florida with love,