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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend's Over...

What a weekend!  Caleb made his first solo drive to Cedar Falls (twice!)  He got a bit mixed up on the way home last night, but figured it out on his own. 

Ethan went to Cub Scout Day camp yesterday.  They did all kinds of things like making rockets out of PVC tubes and 2 liter bottles and rolled up paper (Ethan's went the highest), and gold fish races (poor goldfish!  They put a gold fish into an eve spout and took a straw and blew behind the fish to make it go all the way to the end!  It sure sounds like he had fun, and they had a beautiful day for it!

Rachel is learning to mow the lawn this year.  Here is a scrap page that I made of her doing her new chore.

Rachel lawn 08

Today was graduation at SF-MS.  Caleb and Cameron have 3 days of school left (they don't have to take semester tests, yay!) and Rachel and Ethan will be done on Friday.  Summer is almost here!

Rachel took a picture of KT lazing on the deck yesterday.  Of course...I scrapped it ;)

KT May 08

Signature 4

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Hummie said...

I like that grass cutting layout...very cool...way to go Rachel!