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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thank God for Good friends!!

And I do thank Him for my friend Kelly and her family! She and her three boys are visiting here this weekend. We talk a lot, and laugh even more!

Kelly and I got to enjoy lunch at a Chinese restaurant today. Then we went to a candle outlet store to shop. While shopping, my cell phone rang. It was Caleb, giggling so hard he almost couldn't talk, saying "Mom! HOW do you put a diaper on???" Rachel was in the background, also laughing hysterically, and I could hear Kelly's youngest, Adam (3) just a giggling away! After finally talking them through putting the thing on, Adam walked away (and by this time, Rachel was on the phone), and Rachel just roared, and hooted, and ...while gasping for breath said "MOM! His BUTT CHEEK is hanging out!" But they survived, and when Kelly and I got home, Adam was angelically napping in Ethan's bed. (But we had to laugh when Rachel told us that it took both her AND Caleb to get him to lay still, and that "Caleb fell asleep before Adam!") Rach and Adam
Ethan and Aaron play with ooblickCaleb preps for the Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment...Cameron drinks the "spraying Diet Coke"...eeewwww!
Aidan enjoys some Diet Coke after it exploded due to Mentos being added :-)Way cool, huh?

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Lisa said...

Aren't those science experiments fun? What a RIOT!
I see how much you are loving your new camera! Tons of great pics on the blog....and I believe I even see the youngest cracking a smile? haahaahaa....maybe THIS is his favorite holiday!