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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ron is off and running

to Africa again. He is, at this moment in mid-air between here and Paris. He left Cedar Rapids at 4 this afternoon (complete with 2 suitcases that were 50 pounds each, and a carry on suitcase that was 100 pounds...or so it seemed!) So far, all has gone very well. Here's a photo from the airport.
He will arrive in Paris at 9:45 am, Wednesday (Paris time, which is 2:45 am, Wednesday, Iowa time). He will be in Paris until 4 pm Paris time (which is 9 am Iowa time), and will arrive in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso at 7:40 pm on Wednesday (Burkina Faso time, which is 2:40 PM on Wednesday, Iowa time) (I am hoping I'm giving you all correct information...that's what I figure, doing the math--although math was never my strong suit, LOL)

Just for your information, the high in Burkina Faso for the next few days is Wednesday-102, Thursday-106 and Friday-104. On Friday he'll head to Togo, and on Monday he'll be in Benin.

Keep checking back, because as he sends photos and emails telling me what's going on, I'll be updating the blog!

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