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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The PRIDE of S-F Does it Again!

Our State Marching Band contest was held this morning. After weeks of hard work, early mornings, and sweat, these kids performed flawlessly today! They received a Division I rating (which is the highest possible rating!!!!) Those kids looked AWESOME out there. They knew all their music by heart, and their moves were timed perfectly! We were SOO excited. Some of them even said "That was WORTH getting up at 3:45 am for!!" (Caleb and Cameron and the rest of the Cross Country team ran the game ball from the Middle school to the high school (about 12-13 miles) last night for Homecoming. Then they had Cross Country parents night, and then the band performed the national anthem. At half time, the marching band performed their full show for the last time before contest. The kids got home at about 10:30 or so, and had to catch a bus this morning at 4:15 AM!!!)

We are class 2A. There were 8 schools that performed in class 2A. We were the first, at 9:15 am. Of the 8 schools, only 2 received a I, 5 received a II, and 1 received a III.

We have received a division I rating for many years in a row. This was the first year for our new band director...a really nice YOUNG fella fresh from college, who is doing a wonderful job. The kids love him, and will work hard for him!

Here are a few pictures, of course! Cameron is the center trumpterCaleb is the only sousaphone player in the band. He's always easy to spot!
Caleb had a solo, and nailed it! He sounded super!
Here are my boys! And here's the Pride of S-F!

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Hummie said...

Congratulations to the band! What a great honor and I am happy to see photos of Cameron and Caleb and the band. It's a larger band than I imagined.