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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow! I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!

My friend Lori tagged me as a
Thanks, Lori! What fun to be noticed :-) How cool is that? Now, I get to "tag" some other "Rockin Girl Bloggers!"
(This was started by Roberta Ferguson) on her blog. Great idea, Roberta!

The above mentioned Lori follows her dreams and opens her own digital scrap store, and boldly shares her faith through the digital scrap kits she designs. Way cool! Now that we live in the same state, I hope we can meet sometime!

Hummie has a wonderful blog for sharing her life, her faith, her hobbies and her talent with us! We have lots in common, and I just KNOW we will meet someday! I call her my "Lutheran Scrapper friend"

Lisa has taught me so much of what I know about using my DIP program for digital scrapping! She is very talented, and freely shares her talents and skills! She's awesome and giving me tips and solutions when I'm stumped on how to do something!

Sarah has an amazing eye for design, so when I'm stumped with what to do with a page, I can always count on Sarah to give me some ideas and inspiration!

Jen is a fellow Pastor's wife, and her glimpses into their daily life make me smile. We've "known" each other for several years, and I consider her a good friend! She inspires me to keep plugging away at my goal of becoming debt free!

Amy is a great friend, and a tremendous resource to me as a mom of a pre-teen daughter! She's full of wisdom and guidance, prayer and friendship! She's got an awesome ministry going on! She's also a fellow Pastor's wife.

So, if you have time, check out these newly tagged Rockin' Girl Bloggers!

1 comment:

Hummie said...

Awww...such sweet words from my Lutheran Digibuddy!

I was already tagged once, and I tagged Lori, and she tagged you, so I'm not doing this again, but sure do appreciate the warm fuzzies!