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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Fish Fry

We spent the week in Ohio visiting with Ron's family instead of traveling to Canada for a week long fishing trip. The yearly fishing trip has always been a wonderful vacation that everyone looks forward to, but we were unable to travel there this year. And ya know what? I don't think anyone minded much at all! We all just had a great time with each other. The important thing was that we were together, and no one much cared WHERE it was.

We did try to keep up a few of the "traditions" from the Canada trip. Ron brought Canadian beer, the women grocery shopped, and we fried fish. Not twice a day, every day like in Canada, but that was our Friday evening meal. Here are some photos of the fish frying process. Going out in a boat on Rice Lake to catch some fish (photo from July 2006)Gene dumps the fish onto the ground to count them. (Photo taken July, 2006)
The fish from each fishing trip (2 or 3 trips a day) are counted into buckets. (Photo, July 2006)and are taken to the fish cleaning house. (photo, July 2006)

I have no pictures of the packaging of the fish...guess I never thought to get out my camera at that point, LOL. But now, we'll skip to THIS year's pictures of Grandma, Ethan and Hannah breading the fish. Grandma and an 8 year old and 7 year old...breading fish...well...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Let's just wasn't pretty, LOL.
All set up and ready to start breading the fish.
Hmmmm...wonder why they are doing this outside???First, dip the fish fillet in flour.
Then, dip it in egg.Then cover it with cracker crumbs.Then, fry it up til it is golden taken July 2006
and ENJOY!

Thanks, Lester and Mary for another great week of vacation at your home!
We had a terrific time!


Totallyscrappy said...

Happy to see that you got to enjoy some vacation. Canadian beer and Canada are about the same thing, aren't they? Hey, and they have Tim Hortons Donuts in Ohio! Yup, it was just like a Canadian vacation. :)

Hummie said...

Somehow you just cannot be Lutheran and not participate in a fish fry at least once in your life.

Mason said tonight that he thinks Iowa is in the same section as Missouri and that he may have seen "that guy" when I described your hubby as having dark

Lori said...

I bet that was a lot of fun!!! It has been awhile since we have had fresh caught fish!!! YUMMY!!!

Sandy - you have been tagged. Come see my blog!!!