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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, what a summer this has been so far! My goodness, the MILES we've traveled! I'll summarize the highlights, 'cause otherwise it'll take a week for this all to be read!

On July 9, Caleb and I took the van, and Ron took his car and the dog, KT, and we drove to Ohio to visit Ron's folks. We were reunited with Cameron, Rachel and Ethan, who had been in Missouri with friends and cousins for the previous week, and had spent the weekend with Aunt Martha. We were all happy to be back together as a family, and it was great to see Grandma and Grandpa. KT was in dog heaven...out in the country, not having to be chained up much, and just roaming and wandering.
Living "A Dog's Life!"

Tuesday, Ron's brother Gene and 3 of his four kids arrived and added to the chaos at Grandma and Grandpa's. What joyous fun THAT was with the kids all together! Later when Martha's oldest and Gene's wife and oldest son arrived, we had cousins ages (boys) 21, 16, 15, 14, 14, 13, (girls) 12, 11, boy 8 and girl 7! What a CREW! And lots of fun playing in the creek, playing cards, visiting, shooting fireworks, joking, etc.
playing Monopolythe girls LOVED being together again!

Wednesday we went to Kings Island Amusement park (to give Grandma and Grandpa a bit of a break in the chaos). What a blast! The kids disbursed and conquered all the roller coasters and fun rides they wanted from 5-10 that night! (Martha and I conquered a couple of roller coasters too...well...*I* conquered...Martha just SCREAMED in my EAR the whole time (just kidding, was a BLAST and I'd ride a roller coaster with you any time (just have to remember my ear plugs first!, hee, hee))The Kings Island Crew of Cousins!What daddies won't do for their kids! Ronnie and Gene on one of the Nickelodeon rides at Kings Island.

Thursday we hit the amusement park from 10-12:30, had a picnic lunch, and then hit the water park. Another GREAT time was had there, til about 6:30 when we all headed back to the amusement park til 10. THEN the kids decided to get souvenirs, so it was after 11 when we left.
Friday we spent the day back at Ron's folks, doing some work around the yard that needed done, along with more visiting, playing and having fun!Ron got to teach Ethan how to drive the lawn tractor, and as you can tell,
Ethan loved every minute of it!

Saturday Ron and Caleb and KT returned home, the other 3 and I spent the rest of the day with Ron's family before heading to my sister's house, an hour away.

We had fun at my sister's house with her family, swimming pool and trampoline and HUGE TV! We had a great visit with my dad and step-mom on Sunday evening. One of my favorite photos from my vacation. My daughter and my daddy.

My sister and I had a shopping day on Monday. What a TREAT to have the kids old enough to stay home alone so we could have a girls day!

Tuesday the 3 kids and I headed north to Frankenmuth, MI for a touristy day of fun! We had appetizers at the Bavarian Inn, shopped at the Fudge store and other fun places around town, and ended at Bronners Christmas shop.Ethan, Me, Rachel and Cameron at Frankenmuth

We FINALLY arrived home late on Wednesday night. Now, after all this, hopefully you can see why I haven't updated my blog recently!

Whew! Hope the travel log didn't exhaust anyone too much!

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