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Sunday, October 17, 2010

High School 2A Jazz Band Festival

Saturday morning found most of us up and moving before we REALLY wanted to, for a trip to our high school for State Jazz Band festival.  Our kids performed at 9:20.  They were GREAT!  They have missed SO many practices due to bad weather…so for the amount of time they had to practice, I was quite impressed!


Rachel, Katelyn, Cameron and Karly…the back row kept things together!  :-)


Rachel, Katelyn and Cameron


Rachel and Katelyn play their improv duet…may were they GOOD!!!


Cameron and one of his solos.  You rock, Cameron!


Cameron’s solo…he only practiced a couple of days due to his early morning class…but he did AWESOME!


Cameron and one of his best friends, Justin.  Oh, the things those two think of…in fact…right now…I think they are thinking…”OK, when we are done here, let’s go to Justin’s house and make mashed potatoes with chocolate milk!”  ‘cause that is what they did later that day. They made instant potatoes, and used chocolate milk instead of the milk AND the water!!   Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!

Julie and I don’t even ASK them what they are doing any more!

Thanks for playing in the band, guys.  We really enjoyed hearing you play!

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