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Sunday, October 17, 2010

And Marching Band, too!

Marching Band season has come and gone already!  It ended up on a pretty good note, with the Pride of SF receiving a Division II rating (just a couple of points shy of a I!) at State contest!  They played the music from Wicked.  Great job band!



IMG_1474 IMG_1482


Love it when I can get 2 in one picture!!!


This was Friday night after running the game ball from Sumner to the ‘burg.  For the school song and National Anthem, they just wore their XC uniforms.  Then, they went to shower and change in to marching band uniform.


except the Seniors…they got to be “cool”.




Sorry for the blurry, fuzzy pictures.  It’s hard to get good pictures at night in a football stadium :)

Our band ROCKS!

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