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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another book for my collection!

Wow…the Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod just keeps coming out with more books I just have to add to my library!  First it was the revised version of the Book of Concord.


Then, Synod came out with the new hymnal, the Lutheran Service Book.  I really love this hymnal!  It contains the OLD traditional liturgy that I was raised on, and great, traditional hymns!  YAY!


One of my favorite books is the Treasury of Daily Prayer.  From the website: “Scripture readings, prayers, psalms, hymnody, writings from the Church fathers appointed for each day work together to deepen reflection, and encourage personal devotion. Enliven your practice of prayer with the most comprehensive, single-volume Lutheran devotional resource ever published.”  It has several orders of service, including Matins, Vespers, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline. 

The really cool thing is that I downloaded this book on my kindle app for my iPod touch.  I have a CD imported onto my iPod touch, where the Concordia Theological Seminary Kantori sings the liturgy from the different services included in the Treasury of Daily Prayer.  So for my daily devotions, I can read it on my kindle app, while listening to it!  So cool!  (Now…to get the Kantori and CPH to work together to make a CD with the Orders of Service from the Lutheran Service Book…now that would be more than the icing on the cake!!!)

e806c0a398a0146a2345f110.L._SL500_AA300_ On my wishlist is the Lutheran Book of Prayer.  I have wanted it for a while, just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it.  Guess I should have asked for it for Mother’s Day, huh?


And lots of Lutherans have switched over to the Lutheran Study Bible.  BUT, I just don’t like the English Standard Version as well as I like the NIV (I’m a traditionalist and I was raised on the NIV…I can’t help it! I have a difficult time when the lessons are read from the ESV in church on Sundays…just give me my NIV!)  I would like to own the Lutheran Study Bible for all the extras included…distinctly Lutheran notes, etc.  But…I’m just not willing to give up my NIV just yet, or pay the price of the Bible, just for the notes.

Study Bible

And NOW I see that CPH is putting out a new version of CFW Walther’s Law and Gospel!  Oh, I already want it!  And it isn’t coming out til June or July!  It just sounds like a perfect addition to my library. 

Law_Gospel1…anyone notice the “theme” of these books?  Won’t they look sharp on a shelf together with all the matching burgandy color?  :-)


Paul McCain said...

Thanks for your blog post. You've discovered The Essential Lutheran Library!


Paul McCain said...

By the way, the ESV is a superior translation for a study Bible. The NIV has some use, but not for very serious Bible study.

You owe it to yourself to get a copy of The Lutheran Study Bible. It is the best study Bible in English and give you consistently excellent, Gospel-centered, faithful notes that you simply will not find anywhere else.