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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Visit with Old (and NEW) friends

These dear old friends are VERY important to me…but I HAD to go visit these babies!  Obviously…the babies got my attention…and the parents…well…I didn’t even get a picture of the parents!  Grandpa Steve managed to get in one, but only because the baby was on his lap!  What fun it was to see Steve and Kathy (thanks for letting us invade your house for the evening!) Kasey and Landon and adorable little Autumn, Ashley and Anthony and that beautiful baby boy Mason, and Travis again. 


“Really, mom?”  “Yes, Rachel!  Really!  He’s just to cute not to take a picture of the two of you!”  Look how TINY little Mason is!




And we can’t forget Autumn!  Look!  It’s a little Kasey!!!  Oh my GOSH is she cute or what???




Now who’s cuter?  Autumn or Grandpa Steve?


So great to see you all!  What a great evening!

(And next time I’ll get pictures of EVERYONE!)

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