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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still More Wintery Weather

Ron's been the pastor here for almost 13 years, and this is only the 2nd or 3rd time we've canceled church due to weather.  Baby, it's COLD outside!  The wind is blowing and moving lots of light, fluffy snow around, making some white out conditions in the area.  But almost worse than that is the temps/wind chill!  The temperature here is -6 right now, with a windchill of -23.  At times, the wind chill today has dipped to -37!!!  That is just plain stinking COLD!

Yesterday, before the cold set in, the kids did play outside for a while.  They had fun, but it was snowing and blowing even then!


yeah...that's not a blurry picture...that's a lot of snow coming down!



Rachel did NOT want to come inside. She kept begging for the boys to go outside with her...but when they wouldn't...she just sat on the deck and watched the snow.


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FourOf5zs said...

So glad I'm in warmer weather :-)

Merry Christmas!