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Friday, December 19, 2008

Once in a lifetime?

We may have had a once in a life time activity here last week.  All three of the older kids, Caleb, Cameron and Rachel, played in the pep band together!  Our high school pep band invited the junior high band to play with them at the home basketball game last week, so they all 3 played in the same band together! They've never played in a band together before, and with Caleb graduating this year (still can't wrap my mind around THAT one!), chances are slim that they'll ever get to all 3 play in the same band again. 

Of was a great photo op!



Rachel had a great time playing the fun pep band songs.  The MS kids had only received the music a couple of days before the game, and it wasn't EASY music, but they did well!


Of all of the band stuff my boys are involved in, Pep band is their favorite.  They get to play fun music, and play it in more of an informal setting.  Caleb on Tuba, Cameron on Trumpet with their friends Anthony and Sam on Trumpet and Danny on trombone.

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