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Saturday, September 9, 2006


What a week it has been here at our home! Caleb is doing AWESOME at Cross Country this year. He had two meets, and has earned his FIRST ribbon for coming in 8th in the JV meet...but first for his JV team! He's proud of himself, and glad he chose to run cross country rather than play football this year. I wonder "who's child is this, who WILLINGLY runs 5-6 miles a day?" In my mind, that's insane! But, he loves it, and I'm so glad he's found something that he enjoys. Ron and I are proud of him!

Cameron is playing football, and will have his first game this week. He can't wait! Rachel (6th grade) is pretty much over her middle school jitters and well on her way to sailing through middle school. Ethan was disappointed to discover that his first day of flag football was cancelled today, due to the high school game being played at 1:00 today (after being postponed due to lightening last night).

Ron and I worked at a tournament at the golf course today. Lots of work, but we got to visit with people that we don't often get to socialize with, so it was fun!

Everyone is excited about Sunday School starting tomorrow. Summertime Sunday's are nice and laid back, but we are all ready for that extra time in the Word!

Ham and Scalloped potatoes were on the menu this week and were a huge hit! Peeled, sliced potatoes, cubed ham, cream of chicken soup and sour cream, all layered in the crock pot. EVERYONE wanted seconds of that one :)

My laptop is in the shop AGAIN, due to power supply issues...ugh...hope it is fixed for good this time!

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