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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Well…how did that happen already?

Most of you know how much I love summer time!  I love the heat, the sunshine, I love late nights and sleeping in, I love having a laid back schedule.  I love summer!  It never lasts long enough for me.

And now, it’s already time to send Rachel back to college!  She has to move in on Tuesday.  It seems like I just traveled to MI and moved her home! 

She’s had a busy summer working at the pool.  This was her FIFTH year as a lifeguard!  She does a great job.  She has a “look” (some of my Tuckerman family know EXACTLY what “look” I’m referring to!) that scares many children into following the rules. She’s working her final day there today.

Even with the laid back, easy going summer schedule around here, there seem to be a lot of movies on our “Rachel and Mom’s movies to watch” list that didn’t get watched.  There are a several meals and treats that we wanted to make together, that are still on our “recipes to try” pinterest board.  There are also countless craft projects that we pinned, in hopes of attempting to create something amazing.  (We did have one super success, that I will share at a later date…we made it as a gift for someone, and they haven’t received it yet…don’t want to spoil the surprise!)

Rachel did learn to knit this summer.  She learned from Isaac, a fellow lifeguard.  He taught her how to knit using bamboo skewers.  Stay tuned for a picture of a project sometime!

It is a bittersweet time for me.  I love watching her grow and flourish at Concordia, where I know she’s going to be an absolutely FANTASTIC RA.  But wow..I sure do miss the gal when she’s gone. 

A few highlights from the summer:

2014-05-30 20.56.59

Birthday girl!

IMG_6393 (2)

Fishing…a good time, even when nothing was biting!

2014-07-11 19.47.58-1

All the siblings, together for a wedding…Ethan, Rachel, Caleb and Cameron

2014-07-11 19.48.09

Cousins, and future DORM MATES!  Woo HOO!

2014-07-13 15.58.58

Ferris Wheel at Cedar Point

2014-07-13 22.08.52

Super fun time with family!


Working together as lifeguards this summer has given them a special relationship.  I think Ethan got this look a LOT!


We love it when you use your talents!  God has blessed you with a beautiful ability to play piano and organ!

2014-07-24 18.30.38

We went to see Les Mis at the Cedar Rapids Theater!  AMAZING performance.

2014-07-31 17.41.23

At Split Rock for Hobo dinners.  Dad cooked them perfectly!  And Moses enjoyed the outing, too!

2014-07-31 19.36.54

We pray that your sophomore year is fantastic beyond your wildest dreams, Rachel!

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