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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OK…how did I miss posting these?

Cameron turned 18!  Over a MONTH ago.  I just now realized that I didn’t mention it. 

He’s running again (track started!), so life is good in Cameron’s world right now.  He really enjoys running.  We are sure proud of all he has accomplished.  He’s successfully wrapping up his senior year of high school, and plans on attending University of Iowa in the fall.  He is a good kid and has a sense of humor that either has us rolling on the floor (he said something tonight and I said “Don’t be a smart aleck!” and he said “My name isn’t Alex!” ) or rolling our eyes (too numerous to even give examples!)

Happy WAY belated Birthday, Cameron!


Grandma and Grandpa Koch were visiting on Cameron’s birthday, so his request for dinner was “Grandma Koch’s Spaghetti!”  Worked for me, as I worked all day, and it was GREAT to let Grandma cook dinner for us!  And it was YUMMY!


His requested birthday treat?  Same as it has been since he was in early elementary school.  Pudding.  This year, I made chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.  No candles to blow out, though, ‘cause I couldn’t make them stand up in the pudding.


We doctor the pudding up with chocolate chips and marshmallows!


It isn’t often that our kids get to celebrate a birthday with grandparents here, so it was GREAT to have Grandma and Grandpa Koch here. 

After dinner here at home, Cameron’s day got even BETTER!


Birthday cake (and ice cream…and toppings…AND cookies!) at Grandma Marge and Grandpa Richard’s house!



When it’s your birthday, you have to cut the cake…


AND serve it!


Grandpa Richard, Cameron and Grandma Marge. 

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