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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Band, Band and more Band!

This time of year, band activities tend to take over.  We do enjoy it!  First, there was the Parade of Bands.  The High School jazz band played first.


Rachel plays tenor sax in the jazz band.


Cameron plays trumpet.

Then, the middle school jazz band played.  Ethan plays the trumpet, too!



Not the most in focus picture, but Cameron and Tony just crack me up!  The were “singing instrumentally” along with the MS Jazz band!

And then I got “caught” taking their picture!




And Rachel and Tiffany had to discuss how the MS Jazz band was doing.

Then we had the pleasure(?) of hearing the 5th grade band, before the 6th grade band performed.



Next was the 7th grade band, followed by the 8th grade band, and then…

the HS band…yay!



I am so thankful that God has blessed our children with the musical talent that they have!  It is truly a joy to watch and listen to them perform!

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