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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween FUN!!

We traditionally spend some time around Halloween with our friends Erik and Kelly and their boys.  Sometimes Kelly and the kids travel up this way, but this year, it worked out that some of us went to Missouri.  Cameron and Erik have been planning a fishing trip for this weekend since JULY!  Fortunately the weather co-operated, and they got two SOLID days of fishing.  They didn’t catch a lot, but they did catch some fish!

Ethan and I just enjoyed hanging out at the house (well…Kelly and I DID manage to get a yummy lunch at a local Mexican restaurant…THANKS, Kelly!) and we did some shopping, and lots of talking and cooking and visiting.


Adam is a charmer!


He’s painting the nose of Bob the Tomato


for his AMAZING Bob the Tomato Halloween Costume.  Didn’t it turn out GREAT?  Kelly did all the sewing and creating…I helped out a little with the face.  We were thrilled with how it came out!


Ethan and Aidan spent an hour or two carving their pumpkins.




and cutting


and scooping


and…the finished product!


yeah…he’s an 11 year old boy!  Ugh!

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