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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Landscaping Project

God has blessed us with truly WONDERFUL friends! Our longtime friends, Erik and Kelly and their 3 boys, came to Iowa for Cameron's confirmation. We met at the seminary 15 years ago this fall, and Erik informed us that this past weekend was our 10th annual "after Easter" get-together!

Well, it takes an amazingly good friend to give a "vacation" day for landscaping, although Erik assured us that he loves doing this kind of work and does consider it a vacation. He plotted and planned. Then he got Cameron and Ron and Ron's dad going on getting some shrubs cut down, and more garden area dug up. While they were working on that, we went shopping and Erik pointed me to the direction of things that would grow and look nice in the shady yard that we have.

Then, Ron, Erik, Lester, and Cameron worked on getting stuff planted and mulched around. I took pictures and did some of the mulch work. But mostly, it was a hard days work for the men!

Here are a few pictures...before, during and after!


Lisa said...

Okay Sandy,
I have officially labeled myself as L A Z Y!
This looks like so much fun....and so much work...LOL....okay....I'll stop after church tommorow for some you've gone and inspired me!


Lisa said...

PS...tell your friends next "after Easter" I wanna see pics of them laying around takin' naps....ROFL! Now that's my kinda inspiration!!